The forEVER lock FAQ's

Wearing jewelry forever isn’t new; many people never remove some of their jewelry. In fact - some people leave their wedding bands on for so long that their bone grows around it and it is no longer removable. Some people don’t want the hassle of a clasp, and some love the significance of ‘forever’. Whatever your reason may be, we are here for it!

Permanent/welded jewelry, when done correctly by the proper professionals, should be safe. However, there are hundreds of businesses offering permanent jewelry using unregulated & potentially unsafe welders, learning off of YouTube, and even soldering with an open flame, to apply permanent jewelry. Those with a pacemaker should not have their jewelry welded. Additionally, there are no industry standards or regulations on the type and size of jewelry being applied. Stainless steel will not break apart under most circumstances nor will very thick chain that is welded directly together with no breaking point. It’s extremely important that jewelry is able to break apart if it were to get caught on something. Our jewelry is made to last and therefore is not delicate, however it is still made according to industry standards and will have multiple break points. If a situation arises that would be unsafe, the jewelry is made to break to avoid injury.

We recommend holding off on purchasing or applying your forEVER Jewelry if you have a scheduled surgery or plan to, due to the high conductivity of silver and gold and the potential to interfere with medical equipment. If you need to remove it once it’s on, you may carefully snip the jump ring that connects the lock to the chain with a sharp pair of clippers. If you wish to have it welded back on, you can visit a permanent jewelry welding professional, or you may send it back to us to be made into a pendant that you can continue adding onto (additional charges will apply).

Due to the custom nature of The forEVER Lock jewelry, we do not accept returns. We do, however, offer a one-time sizing exchange if you ordered the wrong size for yourself or as a gift. It must be in unworn condition.

The rest of our jewelry we accept returns up to 30 days, for store credit.

You can find more information on our full return policy here.