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You will never win if you give up the first time you lose

Failure has never been an option

meet the founder of forever

Hello, I'm Marci! I'm just your average Canadian mom, with an un-average drive to make a difference. I am a busy mother to 4 children whose ages range from 2-15 year old! To make our lives a bit more chaotic, we also have 3 dogs and 2 cats. My human & fur babies are my greatest accomplishment, and you will get many glimpses of them on my social media channels!

I love what I do for a career, it keeps me busy and there's never a dull moment. I think it's important to show my kids that you can make a living doing what you love, to prove that you don't have to be stuck doing something you hate in order to make a living. I love teaching them to take risks, think outside of the box, and to be accepting & help others. 

The forEVER Jewelry brand is the most recent addition to my professional portfolio, which also includes my jewelry studio, permanent jewelry training, and wholesale jewelry supplies.

I started The forEVER Jewelry out of a need to create my own destiny in life and also to help others achieve financial independence.

My entire professional life has been one never ending quest to achieve, fuelled by my love of supporting others in their entrepreneurial journey.

I aim to make forEVER a globally recognized brand known for its exceptional quality, high standards and innovation.

-Marci Matejcek, Founder & CEO

Our Mission

The forEVER Jewelry is an innovative jewelry brand dedicated to creating exclusive fine jewelry designs while creating a unique user experience and empowering ambitious women to build their own businesses.

our values

1. Craft high-quality jewelry that lasts forEVER
2. Push boundaries & stay at the forefront of innovation
3. Create opportunities for women that are fair, transparent, and make a difference
4. Donate a portion of proceeds to charity 

Our Vision

To achieve substantial company growth and global recognition as a leading jewelry brand, while fostering a strong sense of community and commitment to giving back, positively transforming lives worldwide.

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